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VELTLÍNSKE ZELENÉ SURLIE OAK 2021 "Oak Slavonian barrels"

The wine has aromatics in notes of ripe yellow fruits like gooseberry, yellow melon, honey notes and bitter almond variety. The taste impresses with fullness, creaminess and vanilla finish. The wine, which was produced using the Sur lie method, was fermented and then matured on healthy fine lees in new oak barrels.

VELTLÍNSKE ZELENÉ SURLIE OAK 2021 "Oak Slavonian barrels"

  • Dry White Wine

    Wine with protected geographical origin DSC

    Small Carpathian Vineyard Region


    Vineyards: Sebreky, Hliny, Grefty

    Alcohol 13%

    Rezidual Sugar 4g/l

    Sugar content in grapes at the time of harvest 23NM

    Year of harvest 2021

  • Gold medal Danube Wine Challenge 2023, Chateau Belá, SK

    Gold medal Muvina Prešov 2023, Sk

    Gold medal Wine Market Pezinok 2023

    Silver medal AWC Vienna 2023 Austria /89.4points/

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