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Cuvée /Asamblage

Red Dry Wine

Small Carpathian Vineyard Region

Alcohol 14,5%


  • The wine has a distinctive dark color. Decent captivating fruity aroma of blackberries, mulberries and blackcurrant. The taste is delicate, spicy cinnamon with the dominance of dark stone fruit and a long chocolate vanilla aftertaste. The wine tastes juicy, fruity, full-bodied, harmonious.

    We produced wine by blending and co-ageing three red wines, which we produced independently in the first phase, by very gentle pressing of individual grape varieties Cabernet sauvignon, Pinot Noir and St. Laurent's.

    These are our three best red wines that you will find together in Harmony. We bottled the wine after two years of ageing in oak barrels. The result is an intoxicating fruity aroma, full of harmonious and delicious fruity taste. The wine has a aging potential.

  • Gold medal Praque Wine Trophy 2022, Czech Republic

    Gold medal Danube Wine Challenge 2022, Slovakia

    Silver medal AWC Vienna 2023, Austria

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